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Sorry, online registration is not available for this course.

This course is full and cannot accept additional registrations.

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COVID-19 & Travel Considerations:

The State of Montana's travel restrictions will be lifted as of June 1 so out of state students no longer need to quarantine before beginning an Aerie course which starts after June 1.

Course Information:

Aerie Red Card Course

Western Montana

Oct 11, 2020 - Oct 12, 2020

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician and Red Card Wildland Firefighting certifications

Aerie's 210 hr W-EMT course earns you an EMT certification with a wilderness endorsement. The course trains you to operate in both urban and backcountry environments with a minimum of resources. This unique program continues after the WEMT course with 3 days of training in wildland firefighting. Aerie’s training consists of several interrelated lecture modules, a physical test known as the “pack test,” and field skills training in digging fireline and deploying fire shelters - all of which leads you to be qualified as a Firefighter Type 2.

3 optional college credits are available from the University of Montana.  

Course dates: September 14-October 12, 2020

Location:  Western Montana

Cost: $4900